Music Room provides discounted rehearsal and recording space for bands and performers aged 11-18 years – on Thursdays after school.

If you would like to book a slot, please contact us by emailing Josh at or call him on 07948 336247.


Rehearsal Room: £5 for 40 minutes then £1 per 20 min slot after that (as long as no other groups waiting)

Rehearsal Room & Recording: £4 per 20 minutes

Recording (without Live Rehearsal Room – e.g individuals, non-acoustic instruments): £2 per 20 minutes

Ages 11-18 only.

Please don’t just turn up – you will need to book a slot by getting in touch – or 07948 336247.

This studio time is designed to give young people access to these facilities at roughly 50% of the normal commercial cost. As such, we are currently only offering this for a couple of hours each week on a Monday afternoon. If you think you would like more time, you can apply using a form that you can download here. We may then offer you an amount of studio time at a discounted rate based on your needs, our availability and ways in which you may have been involved with the project.

Rehearsal – can provide full drum kit, 2 x guitar amps, 2 x PA speakers and up to 4 microphones with condenser/reverb effects.

Studio– 27″ iMac with Logic Pro 8, 16-input M-Audio interface plus monitors, SE condenser microphones, AKG drum kit mics, plus several software plugins such as Antares Autotune, Absynth and Apple Jam Packs.