Music Room runs a series of monthly gig nights for 11-18 year olds. These are gigs run FOR young people, BY young people (with a little help in certain areas).

There are so many ways to get involved in these events – from putting together the lineup & PR/advertising, to stage managing and sound/lighting engineering… with the majority of these roles going to under 19s, providing valuable, experience (something good for the CV) whilst having a lot of fun at the same time.

  • Christmas Gig - December 2009
Valentines Gig - 11th February 2012

Featuring JSA, Brooklyn Concocted, White Tiger, Chloe Leigh Thomas, WhadABeast, Ebony Valentine, The Grand Masters, Baris (aka Runz), Baby Faced Assassins, Rikki Cooksey, I am Scared of Badgers, Nahum

Christmas Gig - 10th December 2011

Featuring: URAH.State, JSA, MK lll, Red Letter Day, <insertnamehere> & Jordan Timms (DJ Set)

Live Lounge - 19th November 2011

Featuring Ebony Valentine, Sheri-Ann Bhim, Charlie Kirby, Jess Beynon, Chris Cape, Sascha, Haks plus OPEN MIC

Battle of the Bands - 22nd October 2011

Featuring Brighter Inside, Chris Born & the Highwaymen, JSA, MkIII, Semi-Skimmed Awesome, Tearaway, The Harlequins and URAH.State…

Prom Night - 23rd July 2011

Featuring: Chris Born and The Highwaymen, JSA, Tearaway, The Grand Masters, Ebony Valentine, James Ireland, Leona Ademi, The Fab Sisters, Tom O’Reily, plus DJs playing some classic Prom tunes.

Live Lounge - 18th June 2011

Open mic. 7pm start. (More details on Facebook.)

The Y - 7th May 2011

Featuring: Chris Born And The Highway Men, Semi Skimmed Awesome, Faith For the Fallen, Years May Pass and Tearaway.

The Y - 26th March 2011

Featuring: Cheylan Charles, Ebony Valentine, James Ireland, JAY AR, Joanna Ware, Leona and Kaydee, Lokes, Nvey and Jordan James, Patricia, Runz and Stunz, Sarah Killy, Semi Skimmed Awesome, Shannanogoons, Shattered Intent, Sober, T-Hood, Take your Pick and Young Spookz! Photos by JaykePRO

Valentines Gig - 18th February 2011

Featuring: A & E, Ebony Valentine, Cheylan Charles feat. Demi Lee, Lokes, Natasha Lall, Nvey & Jordon James, Sabzman & Big J, Semi skimmed awesome, Shattered Intent, Runz and Stunz,T-hood, Take Your Pick, The Final Rumour, Years May Pass & Young Spookz

Live Lounge - January 2011

Live Lounge – our Open Mic Night! 21st January 2011

Christmas Gig - December 2010

Featuring: Let Chaos Fall, No Stoppin Entertainment, Young Spookz, A & E, Moons & Goochers, Fearless Vampire Killers, Nvey and Jordan James, Ebony Babb, Tyrell Marsden and Lucy Hodson.

Live Lounge - November 2009

Live Lounge – our Open Mic Night! 19th November 2010.

Rock Night - October 2010

Featuring: Semi-Skimmed-Awesome, Delirium, The Goldtones, Years May Pass, Roxxi and Sound Proof!

Live Lounge - September 2010

Live Lounge – our Open Mic Night! 25th September 2010

Summer Gig - July 2010

Featuring live music from Young Spookz + What’s Next, JSA, No Stoppin Entertainment, Semi-Skimmed-Awesome, Tyrell Marston and Natasha Lall.

Live Lounge - March 2010

Featuring Becca Nunneley, Malory Torr, Ebony Babb, Rochelle B Francis and Ashley Williams

Rock Night - March 2010

Featuring According To You & Security Within Shadows

Christmas Gig - December 2009

Music Room's Christmas gig in the lounge on 11th December. Featuring an eclectic lineup including Security Within Shadows, No Stopping Entertainment and Ashley Williams...

Old School - Live Room March 2008

Old School Music Room photos. Johnny Mischief & The Union gig, organised by a certain Mr Adam Wedd...

Old School - MeMu Photos 2007

MeMu was the precursor to Music Room. Gigs for young people, organised by young people... Music Room has very much evolved from this...