Have a good Summer! See you 8th Sept…0

Posted By Dan on 12th August 2010


Well done to all the young people who have performed/rehearsed/attended Music Room over the last year. Also thanks to everyone who helped out at gigs, gave their time to teach and put in the hours in many random ways.

Music Room is back up and running with new branding, new flyers and new instruments on Wednesdays from 8th September onwards. The first gig of the year will be a Live Lounge (open mic) – most likely towards the end of September.

We’re considering chaning the time of the Wednesday afternoon sessions to 4-6pm to enable young people from schools further away to attend. If this is better for you, or worse, or have opinions on this do tell us by emailing Dan.

Also – if you know of anyone wanting to get involved with a project like this – someone who may want experience with live sound, event management, youthwork or teaching music (guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, DJing, sound engineering etc…) please do tell them to get in touch!