Live Lounge this Saturday0

Posted By Dan on 26th March 2010

This Saturday 27th March is Live Lounge at Music Room. A chilled evening of acoustic performances with some great young songwriters at the John Innes…

7:20pm – Ebony Babb
7:40pm – Rochelle B Francis
8:00pm – Malory Torr
8:35pm – Ashley Williams
9:10pm – Becca Nunneley

with Tyrell Marston (DJ set) in between acts

This gig is for ages 11-18 only. If you are 19 or over and want to come, you must get permission from us to attend before the gig – email

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Also… Last week we ran a drumming workshop in the middle of Wimbledon town centre. Long story short – it was absolutely great! We had African djembes, bongos, floor toms, tambourines and even cowbells. The free drumsticks and fairtrade chocolate went down very well, and there was even dancing at one point…